Listen It with Your Ears, Feel It with Your Heart – A Review of TM

In today’s busy and restless city life, we often feel worn out and become insensitive to the surroundings. So, why not put on a headphone and expose yourself to music so that you can enjoy the moment and get some rest.

Here I recommend TM, the Turbine Monitor which is the latest product of Bluedio, an old domestic brand of headphones.

Bluedio was one of the oldest domestic headphone manufacturers which made independent research and development on Bluetooth audio devices. With a history of more than a decade, its Turbine series has been popular among consumers from home and abroad. You may also found them being used on social platforms such as YouTube and Twitter.

Today I’m introducing to you TM, the latest version of Turbine series. A fashionable streamline design has always been the major selling point of Bluetooth headphones. However, this time, TM took an unusual way and added in triangular shapes. Connected by an exposed metal joining, the whole headphone looks very angular and unrestrained.

TM is available in three colors, all-black, black with red and black with yellow. The all-black model shocks me with its mystery and modesty. But my friend says that the black with red one looks better, because it fully expresses the personality which matches perfectly with his electric scooter. I was a little bit excited about that, but then reminded him about the danger of driving with headphones on.

The headband and ear cups are very soft, and I’m happy that they don’t have unpleasant smells. What’s more, the metal joining is quite solid, and the adjustable band makes clear and reassuring sound.

As we all know, a monitor headphone gives us the most authentic sound without any audio rendering. It is widely used in music remix, recording, dubbing, television, broadcasting, MIDI studio, etc.

But how good do you know TM is? The 57mm driver element is the best speaker of Bluedio, and you can find it in many mid-end and high-end Bluedio headphones. This time, Bluedio redeveloped this driver element, and improved the high definition sound quality especially for monitor headphones.

High definition sound is particularly important to monitor headphones. Because for music producers, the basic requirement of a monitor headphone is to perfectly represent the instrument sound. TM is very good at it since it represents clean and clear sound without any rendering, and it also does well in low and medium frequency.

TM has only 16 Ohms of impedance, so you may easily apply it to tablets and mobile phones. With the help of the latest Bluetooth version (5.0), you can experience the fastest wireless connection within one second.

I tested the headphone with Tough Love by Jessie Ware. TM perfectly represented the ethereal female voice and the power of black music. The sound was clean and pure without noises, and the song was played quite naturally.

By the way, TM also supports intelligent cloud engine such as Baidu Cloud and Amazon Cloud. This function makes TM even better. Smart headphones are now on the rise, and many traditional headphone manufacturers have already got into this field.

In a real test, TM performed as well as the mainstream smart headphones in voice recognition, but there is still room for improvement. Anyway, it is a fresh experience for green hands.

This is the review of TM, Bluedio’s first monitor headphone. It has a cool appearance and satisfactory sound performance. Considering the retail price, this high quality Bluetooth monitor headphone is worth the money, especially for the first-time buyers.

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