Internally and Externally Beautiful New Active Noise Canceller with Awesome Sound and Color – T 6 Evaluation

After launching the first newest generation – Turbine bluetooth noise canceller T 5, Bluedio has launched a mysterious T 6 without a single halt. It’s my honor to get this new T 6 before its release. I will make a simple comment on this product which is the biggest seller of Turbine series in Bluedio.

In terms of the name, it seems that T 6 is the Turbine 6th generation; but in our memory, the 5th generation T 5 has appeared in the market for a short time, so does it update so soon? Actually it’s not. During the several days with T 6, I think T 6 is the updated version of T 5 in appearance, or its sport version. Of course, it’s just my understanding which doesn’t represent the official position.

Why did I say it’s the updated version in appearance? Because the appearance of T 5 is so similar to the Turbine 4th generation T 4, which is easy to cause aesthetic exhaustion. Therefore, T 6 has made a small upgrade in the appearance compared to T 5. Firstly, the earmuffs of T 6 are ear covered, while the ones of T 5 are ear pressed. The two designs both have advantages and disadvantages, and you can choose either as you like. As for me, I prefer the design of ear covered because it can create a better soundproof and noise reduction effect, although it’s a little stuffy in summer.

The head beam and earmuffs are covered with leather which is comfortable. The length adjusting part is painted with matte black, just like T 5, while T 5’s adjustment of scale display remains. Another upgrade in appearance is in the connection between the head beam and the earmuff where it is a semi – trapezoid. The use of lines is perfect, and the simple edges and corners make the earphone manly. Compared to the fairly standard – looking T 5, T 6 is more attractive overall, which makes you more stylish when you wear it on the road.

Active noise reduction is always the sign of the turbine series. The active noise reduction configuration of T 6 is the same as T 5, which adopts ANC FF FB. The general active noise reduction earphones adopt one of the designs, either ANC FF or FB. But T 6 combines the two technologies, and achieves a more advanced noise reduction effect.

What is the actual result? Friends who pay attention to T 5 would know that I have written a T 5 evaluation article named Pay Attention: Watch Your Ears as the Turbine Storm Is Coming – Bluedio T 5 [Insert the evaluation link or the purchase link of T 5] where I wrote:

‘Data won’t lie. In the test, the depth of T 5’s active noise reduction has reached 25 dB. As a comparison, the noise reduction sensitivity of T 4 is just 15 dB. What’s the meaning of 25 dB? It means that the sound of breath can be heard 1 meter away. The low limit threshold of 1 KHz to be heard is defined as 0 dB. Normally, it is impossible for a person to live in an environment that is quieter than 25 dB.’

The noise reduction effect of T 6 is basically the same as T 5, which benefits from the ear-covered design that adds the physical noise reduction effect. Therefore, the noise reduction effect of T 6 is the same as or better than T 5, and it is excellent among the products with the same price.

In terms of audio quality, Bluedio applies the more advanced MAX 97220 processing chip to T 6. Compared to the former turbine earphones, the upgrade of the chip brings about a stronger impetus, which is reflected in the more outstanding dynamic sound. For example, when you listen to Shinedown’s Diamond Eyes, you can feel the opening percussion music is very melodious and explosive, the singer’s sound is very powerful and the bass part is clear. In a word, T 6 is suitable for rock and popular music.

With more beautiful appearance and more advanced interior, T 6 is perfect in some extent because it can both reduce noise and improve the audio quality. Combined with its price, it is very competitive among the products at the same level. According to the naming rule of Bluedio’s former turbine products (T 4 and its updated version T 4 S), it is reasonable to expect that the more powerful S version will bring us more surprises. Let’s look forward to it.

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